4th July 2024

Grace Friar

Grace Friar celebrates her 103rd birthday, 9th July 2024 Grace volunteered in the WRNS in 1941 and became the leading wren and youngest Petty Officer in the Scottish Command. Grace's nobleness had no levels, she made and sold hundreds of cakes and crafts to raise money for multiple charities, this all stemmed from her childhood when she once seen blind soldiers from WW1 and she wanted to make a difference. Grace met the Duchess of Northumberland and Princes Charles, prior to him becoming King, she was then awarded a BEM in 2019 and got invited to a garden party at Buckingham Palace, which sadly got cancelled due to Covid-19. Grace is still an active worker at The Salvation Army. Grace is an inspiration to all! Happy 103rd Birthday Grace

Originally published in Berwick Advertiser on 4th July 2024

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